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I’m Lisa Weldon. In June of 2011 I landed in NYC with the intent of covering one square mile per day until I walked the entire island of Manhattan. Why?

With my last child off to college, I was facing a new chapter. At nearly 60, I could either slow down and enjoy life. Or I could grab ‘hold of it and run like the devil.

Needless to say, I tore off with my wishlist: I wanted to (1) live in NYC, (2) revitalize my advertising career and (3) surround myself with young people.

I found the perfect scenario in a month-long course at Parsons. But just 10 days before it was to begin, the course was cancelled. Instead I found a tutor, cut the map of Manhattan into 20 equal pieces and started walking. I put my learning into action by sharing my walks through social media, the new tools of my trade.

Who’da thought, but that crazy walk has been the biggest boost of my entire career.

Just got back from 30 days in Paris, walking all 20 arrondissements of that great city. Next? Maybe Vietnam. And hopefully one day, El Salvador.

No telling where the next few years will take me. One thing for sure, this sistah’s not slowing down.

And yes, I do love graffiti.

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My 30-day walk across Paris was featured on Lee Woodruff’s blog during the month of September! Huffington Post and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution also featured my trip.

Was recently honored by being named a NOLAbound participant. Twenty-five of us from across the US and within four targeted business sectors – arts-based businesses, biosciences, digital media, and sustainable industries — were invited to New Orleans to assess the city as a model of new business progress and thinking. Our observations and insights were shared with the world. In tweets alone, we reached over 2.5 million people.

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  1. I have a gift card for Aerosoles I can send you. : – >

  2. lisaweldon says:

    Perfect, Sonia, Aerosoles and a box of bran flakes. I’m ready to go!

  3. lisaweldon says:

    oh, and corn pads. remember those?

  4. Hey Lisa, I’m just getting caught up on your escapades. Go for it! You’re never too young. I moved to Chicago a long time ago because I didn’t want to wind up in my 40′s saying “Gee, I wish I had moved to NYC or Chicago when I had the opportunity.” Of course, after 2 winters there, I moved back to ATL. But that’s another story.
    Good luck!

  5. Karean says:

    Thank you for “friending” me. We seem to be on the same page….Loving it.

  6. Very cool and inspiring!!

  7. lisaweldon says:

    . . . a little nuts.

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  9. Becca Taylor says:

    Lisa, I love to travel and had planned to retire early at 62 and do so on a shoestring; however, now I’m 61 on Friday, and I’m a caretaker of my 85-year old mother so I’m still here waiting to travel – your blog helps to make the wait bearable – enjoy every moment, scary or not. becca

  10. What a great adventure! So happy to find you, I live in NJ and am in NYC often. Maybe we’ll meet up one of these days! In the meantime I’ll be following you and reading your posts. All my best, Claudia